The intelligent work journal

Keeping a work-life journal can be incredibly valuable. It helps you track your work, record challenges and decisions, promote self-reflection and growth, and capture visuals along the way. The main issue designers face is the effort required to maintain a journal. Many say, "I never remember to journal my work, even though I know it's important. I just don't have the time."

To address this, I've developed an app called Fabric, which runs natively on your machine. The initial setup involves answering a few questions about your job, the type of work you want to capture, the apps to monitor, and what to ignore. You can also set specific times for the app to capture your day, control check-in frequency, and manually capture and analyze your activities.

After using the app for a few weeks, I’m amazed by the AI's ability to recognize when I'm working or slacking off, which helps in recapping my day and assessing my productivity. My favorite feature is the ability to chat with the journal, which is useful for recalling where I left off or generating a commit message for the day.

More to come, and an alpha version of the app is about done, but if you're interested in learning more sooner than later, reach out to me on Threads or LinkedIn.