About Tanner Christensen

Tanner Christensen and Jasmine Friedl

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A curious, multi-disciplinary product designer with more than 20 years of experience designing and building digital products across web and mobile.

I began designing when I was 16 years old. Inspired by the designers around me, I knew right away my passion in life was to imagine and create new things. I dropped out of school at a young age to pursue this passion.

Over time, I also taught myself to code. First with older web technologies, then (much later) more modern programming languages spanning both web and native mobile (Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Java, React, etc.).

With my design abilities and programming interest, I was able to design and build many products which ended up becoming successful. I've sold personal products, launched apps which have become top-selling in the App store, shuttered some projects, and eventually used my own products to land a job as a Product Designer at Facebook. I since have worked for many companies in various Product Design and design leadership roles.

I believe design has much value to offer businesses: designers can help empathize with customers or end-users. We use our skills to imagine possibilities and rapidly create tangible versions of opportunities in order to help ourselves and our teams make better decisions.

Personally, I strive to balance unique ideas with proactive action toward measurable outcomes. If the work I do fails, i don't view such situations as finite or defining, but rather: I think of failure as a chance to learn something and adapt what happens next.

In my work, I like to find inspiration from many different avenues and curate patterns and trends across the systems I design within. I push for minimum-viable solutions in order to see ideas come to fruition, and I tend to ask a lot of questions of myself and others about how something fits into the larger work.

I tend to support my teams by helping them connect ideas and by providing nudges of how things might be different. And I enjoy staying aligned with company values and principles by routinely using them as tie-breakers or methods of evaluation for decision-making.

I currently reside in both California and Illinois with my incredible wife, Jasmine Friedl, and our two dogs.

"The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tanner is that he is someone who figures out a way to get things done. He is creative, ambitious and driven...he will do whatever it takes to succeed." — Eduardo Pretell, former VP of Marketing at HP

Previously, I worked as Head of Design at Gem, a San Francisco company striving to change how recruiting works.

Before Gem I was a product design leader at Lyft in San Francisco, where I worked with a small design team to build complex software platforms for autonomous vehicles. Before that I worked at Atlassian, where I led design on their mobile products platform. Before Atlassian I spent nearly four years at Facebook, helping design tools around user identity, advertising, and platform management for more than 2 billion people.

My career has helped shape the way companies like Dropbox, Lyft, Facebook, Twitter, Atlassian, Adobe, HP, Franklin Covey, AT&T, GOOD, Comcast, and Moz think about design and content.

My thoughts and ideas have been published in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, Lifehacker, Wired, Kottke, The New Yorker, Boing Boing, and American Express OPEN Forum.