One-hour pay what you want design consultation

Want help with visual or interaction design or looking for advice on product strategy and how your designs align with business needs? Do you need guidance and more than another suggestion on what could make your designs pop more?

Apply for a consultation. Schedule a call. Chat with me for an hour. Then pay whatever you think the time was worth. That's it.

Who is a consultation ideal for?

Design consultations are for anyone—Product Designers or otherwise—looking for an experienced perspective of their design work. In a typical consultation, you and I collaborate around one of the following problem areas:

  • Design strategy, determining how your design work aligns with business objectives and the overall product strategy.
  • User research methods for defining and executing an effective research campaign for your team.
  • UI/UX best practices, mastering your craft with a visual and interactive critique, including prototyping, tools, and techniques.
  • Design systems, learning how to set up, utilize, and adopt them in your work.

How does this work?

Some situations demand a special price for advice or guidance. As a result, I've designed this consultation process to accommodate many needs and circumstances. If what we uncover together adds value to your career, that's what matters most. The money aspect only enables me to continue doing these things for the design community (but only if the community deems it valuable!).

Here's a breakdown:

Apply for a consultation slot using the form on this page. The more information you can share about your situation and what you want from a conversation with me, the more likely you will get an offer for scheduling time.

On the day and time of our scheduled consultation, we'll meet via Google Meet. During the call, I will ask questions to understand your situation better and help give you a chance to reflect on and communicate it yourself.

After the call is complete, I will email you a compensation request with a link to a secure payment page powered by Stripe, a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider (in other words: one of the safest ways to make payments online). You can pay as little or as much as you want, depending on how valuable you feel our consultation is. There is no obligation to pay.

Conversations are one-on-one, and you may not record them. The time is for you and me to have a conversation. Because the time is dependent on perceived value—and due to limited availability—I must vet all consultation requests; This means I cannot offer everyone time on my calendar nor reply to every submission.

Why would anyone pay for an hour to talk with... me?

You might be new here, welcome. I'm Tanner. I've had a reasonably long design career. I've designed in some form or another as a freelancer, an agency owner, an entrepreneur, an educator, and at a (less than 100 people) unicorn startup, a Fortune 100 tech giant, an outback giant, and then some. Throughout this career, I've learned a thing or two.

I acquired most of what I've learned through painful mistakes, regrettable embarrassments, and sheer luck.

Thankfully the one thing I've found to be a superpower-generating resource for learning is someone who's done it before, who is available to chat with candidly.

As many others have helped me throughout my career by sharing their learnings and perspectives, I want to repay what they gave me and offer the same to others.


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