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I've worked with hundreds of designers to level up their careers, master interviewing, and radically improve their portfolio and presentation skills. Interested in how I can help you?

With more than 20 years of experience working in the product tech space and experience working at both startups ( and tech giants (Facebook), as well as having implemented and supported UX processes at companies like Atlassian, Google, Lyft Level 5, Remo, Owner, and others, I have worked with hundreds of designers, founders, and leaders on many different subjects.

Using this experience, I will tell you what the critical step and ideas are that will help you redesign or level up your career, team, or organization.

  • Get help with a portfolio or mock interview presentation review.
  • Learn what it takes to get promoted as a designer.
  • Find motivation and tips on how to negotiate a job offer.
  • Uncover what it takes to build an effective design team.
  • Discuss career paths and the skills necessary to grow from scratch.
  • Get advice for your startup on design hiring or incorporating product design as a function into the business.
  • Connect with me to learn how design can be embedded within and influence your business.

Time slots are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis only!**

In an hour-long video call with me, we'll work together to cover what matters most for you, your team, or your business related to digital product design. I can help you with product strategy, project management, interaction design, UX and UI design, team building, organizational team structure and planning, KPIs, OKRs, etc.

Each session is custom designed for you individually.

After purchasing, you will receive an email to set up a date and time for our call. Calls are conducted over Google Hangouts but can also take place over Zoom. Please let me know your preference when scheduling time.

**Refunds are only available up to 1 full day (24 hours) before the scheduled consultation.