Creative Something

What does “creativity” mean? How can we get more of it in our lives, and why is so much about creative thinking often reserved for the artists, musicians, and inventors around us?

In 2008 I found myself working in a place where the word “creativity” was thrown around a lot, but nobody seemed to really know what it meant.

Wanting to learn more, I started a blog to document my research, thinking, and anything I found worthwhile on the subject of creativity. I figured if I was curious about creativity other people probably were too.

What began as a small passion project quickly grew into a well-known blog with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, followers, and fans.

I wrote about my approach to blogging through Creative Something for the online marketing company MOZ, explaing: "In order to create a successful blog, you have to be passionately curious about the topic you're covering."

Today, Creative Something is no longer active, but after writing for more than 10 years there I' am proud of what the website had become. Thousands of people around the world found inspiration in the hundreds of articles there. Topics covered included everything from the basics of creativity, the neuroscience and psychology behind creative thinking, the relationships between intelligence, depression, and creativity, and how things like caffeine or alcohol help or hinder creative thinking.

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