Where do you turn when you need a quick way to sketch out an idea on-the-go? If you're a designer who wants to doodle an app concept or highlight an idea for a peer, wouldn't it be great to have an app that could help you do it?

I consistently found myself and my peers needing a way to draw an idea out while on the go quickly. I came up with Drwer as a way to rapidly sketch ideas on my phone without needing to create a new layer or open a file whenever I wanted to draw something for myself or someone I was collaborating with in person.

The idea was to create a simple pick-up-and-sketch app that you could use to sketch simple ideas or draw over photos directly on your phone. The app featured a collapsable menu for optimizing real estate on small screens. Users could shake their device to erase whatever they've drawn and start fresh.

Overall, the app was fun to build and get feedback on, but I inevitably decided to stop making it after a few years of using it myself.

Drwer was abandoned as a product when Apple released intuitive and easy-to-use drawing abilities directly in their Notes app. The app is no longer available in the App Store, but I still reference it as a simple project I took joy from designing and developing.

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