How do you create a series of technical drawings and product illustrations built to launch a significant virtual reality product when you have less than two months to do it and no in-house illustrators available to help? Shortly after joining Facebook, the developer team at Oculus reached out to see if I could help them with some urgent illustration requests.

The first consumer version of the Oculus Rift was about to launch, and the Oculus developer team needed help creating a series of technical drawings and product illustrations for the product developer portal and external tools.

Unable to secure internal designers for the project—with insufficient time to book an external designer—the team searched within Facebook.

I was able to sign-up for the work after hours and produce several technical drawings and 3D-like illustrations for the team to include in the developer website and documentation that shipped with every Oculus Rift.

I worked with the technical development team behind the Oculus Rift to understand critical concepts in virtual reality development and illustrate them. Including core VR development principles such as head shadowing, front/back ambiguity, initial time delay, reflections, shoebox modeling, and more. I created each illustration by hand in Sketch over a few weeks.

Anyone can download all illustrations and icons free from my Dribbble account.

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