What's more challenging than trying to spell a hundred four-letter words in 60 seconds? Would it help if you were collecting hundreds of virtual, colorful stickers as you played?

With the success of my app Brainbean for iPad, I wanted to create a lightweight creative game for phones.

The concept for Wordid came over several months, during which I doodled ideas and tinkered with code. Ultimately, I landed on a simple concept for a quick-thinking game: try to spell four-letter words before the clock runs out, collecting custom illustrated stickers as you go.

I wanted to build a very straightforward game while keeping it captivating for audiences of all ages.

As I designed the app, I focused on details that would enable pick-up-and-go play while creating a competitive landscape for players. Some of my favorite pieces include:

  • The bouncing animation of the sticker reward for each word you get.
  • The splash of confetti that sprinkles down from the top of the screen at the end of a match.
  • The way the app reacts to you when you perform better than previously.

Today there are more than 14,200 people on the Wordid leaderboard. As of this writing, the #1 player has a whopping score of 322 (while my high score sits at a challenging 120). Think you can beat it? Grab Wordid from the App Store to play.

My wife, design leader Jasmine Friedl, and I, designed each sticker for the app by hand.

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